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What Our Clients Have to Say

A Trusted Local Fence Contractor.

Testimonials: Testimonials

"Outstanding job on my fence! Ricky and his crew exceeded my expectations. Thanks!"

Jason Lawton

"They built an incredibly high quality fence and didn't cut any corners whatsoever. The fence is noticeably higher quality than any of our neighbors and just shows what getting a determined professional can do. They were also friendly and didn't mind me observing and asking questions which really made the experience personal.

I highly recommend them to anyone needing a fence as their work is amazing and I know our fence will last for a long time. These two aren't just fence builders, they are craftsmen."

Tyler Kerr

"RNR Fencing did a complete breakdown of our old fence and put up a new fence in 3 days. They do quality work at a fair price. I could not be happier with our fence, their work ethic and professionalism."

Sarah Fairey

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